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the Device Experience
Seamless & Secure

Why Medisanté is unique!

Medisanté supports all stakeholders in keeping the device experience seamless and secure at scale in virtual care. It’s the only way to enable the hospital at home.



Patients benefit from a secure and global cellular IoT connectivity brought to their home via a broad range of devices/gateways from multiple manufacturers. By eliminating the need for manual pairing with a smartphone, Medisanté makes no compromise on inclusion.


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Bringing a secure and global cellular IoT  connectivity to the home

Inclusion by design


Technical Teams


Technical/support teams rely on Medisanté Hub (M+ Hub) to deliver seamless device interoperability with their virtual care platform, and multi-vendor remote device monitoring (RDM). They achieve the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of their fleet.


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Lowest device TCO

Keeping the device experience

seamless and secure

at scale


Care teams 


Care teams can scale remote patient monitoring (RPM) and decentralized clinical trials (DCT) in the platform of their choice. By letting them assign a device in their compliant health IT system, Medisanté allows them to make no compromise on data privacy.


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Privacy by design

Enabling care teams to scale

RPM and DCT in the platform

of their choice

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