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Medical IoT Data
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Device Interoperability and Monitoring
Redefined Globally in the Cloud

Technical teams rely on M+ Hub to deliver seamless device interoperability and multi-vendor remote device monitoring (RDM) for a broad range of devices that connect direct2cloud. It shields their care teams and patients from device complexity and diversity:

  • M+ Hub integrates once in 3-clicks into their “target” virtual care platform. It eliminates the need for a consumer smartphone and proprietary clouds of device vendors on the data transmission path between the device and the screen of the doctor.

  • M+ Hub is the only global medical IoT platform that delivers remote device monitoring (RDM) across vendor, platform, and country silos. It monitors the devices’ health (battery level, signal strength, programmable ping, …) to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

M+ Hub Management

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Spot weak signal, low battery levels.

Check historical data.

Anticipate problems.

Deliver higher quality of care.


Identify what devices are active and inactive.

Anticipate issues before they arise.

Pay accordingly.

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Manage cross device vendor silo.

Seamlessly move devices across organizations.

Evaluate organization performances.

Our Enabling Technology Partners
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“We collaborate with Medisanté to deliver a secure, reliable, and global IoT connectivity to their telemedicine clients and partners.”

Erik Brenneis, CEO, Vodafone IoT

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