Empowering Remote Patient Monitoring Direct-to-Cloud Medical IoT

Empowering Remote Patient Monitoring Direct-to-Cloud Medical IoT
Empowering Connected Care
Global Medical IoT Infrastructure
We Radically Simplify the Integration of PGHD into Clinical Systems
In a highly-regulated and fragmented industry, the integration of Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) into clinical systems remains a major challenge for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs). In order to better cope with the rise of chronic conditions and an aging population, Medisanté makes it easy - anywhere in the world - for care teams, bio-medical engineers, and patients at the same time. Easy always wins!
We Leverage Global Tech to Scale Remote Patient Monitoring
Once the care teams have assigned a medical IoT device in their clinical system, they don’t need to unveil the patient’s identity to any device manufacturer. In order to scale Remote Patient Monitoring, Medisanté delivers a global medical IoT infrastructure that eliminates the need for any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi configuration. It combines the best of global tech for anonymous device data with the best of healthcare compliance and privacy for sensitive patient data.
Icon: Challenge, Disconnected
Care teams are
from their patients at home.
seamlessly connects
care teams with remote patients
through direct-to-cloud IoT.
Icon: Challenge, Expensive
In-person care is
too expensive
with an aging population.
cost-effectively scales
Remote Patient Monitoring
for chronic patients.
Icon: Challenge, no-trust
Care teams have
no trust
in personal health devices/apps.
establishes trust
by putting care teams
in the driver's seat.