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Medical IoT Data
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By abstracting in one cloud (M+ Hub) a broad range of devices/gateways that connect direct2cloud over a private cellular network, Medisanté redefines device interoperability and monitoring for technical teams while making no compromise on inclusion and privacy. M+ Hub delivers medical IoT data “as a Service” to care teams in the virtual care platform of their choice. Patients and care teams can be anywhere in the world.

Device Interoperability and Monitoring
Redefined Globally in the Cloud

Technical teams rely on M+ Hub to deliver seamless device interoperability and multi-vendor remote device monitoring (RDM) for a broad range of devices that connect direct2cloud. It shields their care teams and patients from device complexity and diversity:

  • M+ Hub integrates once in 3-clicks into their “target” virtual care platform. It eliminates the need for a consumer smartphone and proprietary clouds of device vendors on the data transmission path between the device and the screen of the doctor.

  • M+ Hub is the only global medical IoT platform that delivers remote device monitoring (RDM) across vendor, platform, and country silos. It monitors the devices’ health (battery level, signal strength, programmable ping, …) to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

Global Cellular IoT Device Connectivity
Zero-Touch Configuration by the Patient

By equipping patients at home with “M+ Ready” medical kits that embed a secure and global cellular IoT connectivity (4G-LTE), care teams enable patient inclusion and security by design:

  • A global roaming Vodafone IoT SIM card is either embedded in a medical device or in a cellular gateway that auto-pairs with surrounding Bluetooth devices. Patients can be enrolled in virtual care programs regardless of their Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).

  • The readings are automatically transmitted direct2cloud (D2C) over a private cellular network to M+ Hub. From there, they are pushed in near real-time to a virtual care platform where the patient ID – device ID mapping is held out of the reach of any medtech vendor.

Cellular Enabled Devices

Blood Glucose, Uric Acid, Cholesterol, Beta-Ketone

Cellular Enabled Gateway
with Auto-Paired Bluetooth Devices

Cellular Enabled Gateway with

Auto-Paired Bluetooth Devices

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Device Assignment in a Compliant Health IT System
Privacy By Design vs. Data Monetization

By letting care teams assign devices to a patient in the compliant target health IT system of their choice, Medisanté enables privacy by design.

  • They never unveil a patient ID or any other information that would make a patient identifiable to device manufacturers. This approach stops data monetization by medtech vendors through their mobile apps and puts IoT to work for care teams instead.

  • While Medisanté leverages the best of global cloud and IoT technologies for non-identifiable device data in its medical IoT platform, it leaves the data sovereignty of sensitive patient data to compliant 3rd party health IT systems anywhere in the world.

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