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Take complexity out of
remote patient monitoring

Keep the device experience seamless and secure at scale by abstracting in one cloud
a broad range of provisioned devices that require no configuration by the patients.

Unlock the power of data gathered from medical devices and leverage a cloud-based platform builder to develop, manage and scale new digital health products and services.

Enable the Hospital@Home with
the 1st
global medical IoT cloud infrastructure in virtual care!


Include your most fragile patients

Provide trusted IoT devices that require
no configuration by your patients


Respect your patient´s privacy

Never unveil patient identifiable information to any device vendor

Make no compromise on security

Bring a secure cellular IoT
connectivity to the patients’ home

Ready to scale remote device monitoring

Monitor in a unified view your entire device fleet across vendor silos

Value-based care starts here

Assign a device to patients by the swipe of a bar code in your RPM platform

Medtech at home ready to go

Deliver medical IoT data “as a Service” to your care teams


Direct interface

Study Engine

Patient app

to Hospital
Information Systems

for better outcomes in
all phases of clinical trials

for improved adherence
& communication

With Medisanté, you choose...

With the platform SaniQ
you choose...

The 1st global medical IoT cloud infrastructure for remote device monitoring

Interoperability once and in 3 clicks with any virtual care platform

The lowest devices’ total cost of ownership across vendor silos

Inclusion, privacy and security by design

One-minute patient on-boarding

A leading remote patient monitoring platform



An efficient tool to collect Real World data in patient's everyday life

A highly adaptable platform to various indications & departments

A versatile telemedical platform for numerous medical use cases


A range of easy to use & high quality medical devices connected to the platform

Discover why Medisanté is unique in IoT



Medisanté's IoT cloud-technology is a real gamechanger for remote patient monitoring enabling a seamless and secure patient experience and thereby promoting adherence & medical data density.

Tobias Hastenteufel, CEO Qurasoft

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